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Tenants: Tips to rent faster your dream home

Almost in all provinces and territories in Canada rental market is getting hotter and hotter. The vacancy rate has significantly declined in the last a few years and unfortunate this trend is continuing. If you are looking for an apartment or house in a great location and good price you have to act fast. Of course, it requires some of your time and efforts. And if you want to rent faster you have to dedicate your time to act quickly. Here are tips to rent faster your dream home.

Tip #1 to Rent faster: Prepare your paperwork

All landlords appreciate when a potential tenant contacts them prepared. Your application form is ready and shared with a landlord. You can fill up the Application form on Immediate Rent and share it with landlord(s) when you click on “Email Landlord” button. Please fill up as much information as you can, including references from previous landlords.

Tip #2 to Rent faster: Credit and Background check

Nowadays more and more landlords prefer to do Credit and Background check themselves. It costs only $24.99 and, in this case, landlords are sure they are getting up to date information and it is not altered.

Immediate Rent has partnered with SingleKey to provide Credit and Background check service.

Tip #3 to Rent faster: Calculate the rent you can afford

Ideally, your rent should not be more than 30%-35% of your gross monthly income. So, if your gross monthly income is $5000, ideally you should pay for rent in $1200 - $1700 range. Unfortunately, for some cities it is very tough to get such proportions…

For all landlords it is important to see that their tenants can easily afford rent payments, because it is very stressful and expensive to work out non-payment situations.

Tip #4 to Rent faster: Start looking early

With the current tight market, you should start looking at least 2-4 months in advance. Awesome properties for great price get rented quickly. Do not postpone to the last minute. It might cost you more in $$$ or location might not be ideal.

Tip #5 to Rent faster: Location

Location, Location, Location – this is one of the most important criteria. So many factors affecting this decision such as work (remote or not), schools, universities, hospitals, transit and so on …. Try to find the sweet spot and compromise if you have to.

Tip #6 to Rent faster: Act

You all set, Rental Application is filled, budget is defined, search is completed, and you have a list of apartments or homes in front of you. Now it is time to act quickly and rent faster a dream home. So, click on “Email Landlord” button immediately, share your Rental Application and start communicating with a landlord.

In your email be polite and professional, landlords have to trust you their real estate which worse a hundred thousand dollars, in some cases millions. Trust must be built and connection created between you and a landlord. Remember - awesome properties for great price get rented quickly. Do not postpone sending a quick email to a landlord, act now.

Immediate Rent updates rental listings every day to make sure you have up to date a list of apartments. Of course, we also depend on landlords and how they are quickly updating their listings. Immediate Rent works closely with all landlords and tenants to provide the best experience possible, so you can rent faster your dream home.

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